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Welcome to Waltham Forest Asian Seniors' Club
Membership of the Waltham Forest Asian Seniors’ Club entitles you to receive all the following services:

•    Free information about all local services and amenities. If we don’t know the answers, we will always send you to someone who does.
•    Free and sympathetic one to one advice, information & support in dealing with government offices, Social Services, Health Services, GPs, The Benefits Agency and any   voluntary organisations. (This service must be booked in advance with our staff & who will provide it, in private, at our offices in 94 Wood Street.)
•    Free use of recreational facilities such as board games, radio, TV & video.
•    Free computer training courses for beginners & intermediate learners
•    Free Urdu & English Classes organised by us (No examinations required).
•    Free Diet & Nutritional advice and Health Promotion events
•    Gentle Exercise classes with exercise equipment for both men & women at a very small charge
•    Yoga for women only on Wednesdays for a very small charge
•    Tai Chi Classes for both men and women for a small charge
•    We started a Healthy Lunch Service for pensioners of all races & backgrounds serving a varied menu.  The price of a meal is usually £2.
•    Regular celebrations of festival with parties, cultural entertainment and discounted trips for members & their families & friends.

We are always prepared to learn with you & from you to improve our services

Supported by the Lloyds TSB Foundation
for England and Wales