Ladies and Gentlemen
Now you have no reason not to exercise and keep yourself Fit and Active
These are Simple and Effective routine.
Every body can follow and keep themselves
Healthy,Active and Young looking. 

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Wall Push ups

This Exercise will help to strengthen your arms, shoulders, and chest.

1.Find a wall that is clear of any objectsówall hangings, windows, etc. Stand a little farther than arm's length from the wall.
2.Facing the wall, lean your body forward and place your palms flat against the wall at about shoulder height and shoulder-width apart.
3.To a count of four, bend your elbows as you lower your upper body toward the wall in a slow, controlled motion, keeping your feet planted.
4.Pause. Then, to a count of two, slowly push yourself back until your arms are straightóbut don't lock your elbows.
5.Repeat 10 times for one set. Rest for one to two minutes. Then complete a second set of 10 repetitions.

Make sure you:
Don't round or arch your back.
Hip Exercise

1.Stand behind a sturdy chair, with feet slightly apart and toes facing forward. Keep your legs straight, but do not lock your knees.
2.To a count of two, slowly lift your right leg out to the side. Keep your left leg straightóbut again, do not lock your knee.
3.Pause. Then, to a count of four, slowly lower your right foot back to the ground.
4.Repeat 10 times with the right leg and 10 times with the left leg for one set. Rest for one to two minutes. Then complete a second set of 10 repetitions with each leg.

* To increase the difficulty of this exercise, you may add ankle weights.