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Welcome to Waltham Forest Asian Seniors' Club
Our 10 founder members first started meeting in a Social Services Office in July 1993. Our Constitution was adopted on 16th December 1993 during our Christmas celebration at The Marshall Centre . We came to this centre in April 1994 when it was a derelict, dingy building . Our sincere thanks to Mr Robert Wilkinson for helping us find this centre!

Waltham Forest Asian Seniors Club

Serving you since 1993

The perfect place For any 50+ Asian man or woman!
Come and enjoy:
    Chair based exercise classes especially for Older Asian 50 plus
    Our Trips and Leisure Activities
    Our friendly and cheerful social environment
Join in:
    Our Healthy Living Programmes, “Tailor-made” for Asian residents of Waltham Forest
    Are you now 50 years old or over
    Are you retired or unemployed through illness or disability.
    Do you enjoy meeting and being in the company of other Asian people socially
        Do you enjoy recreational, social and cultural activities with your compatriots.
    Do you want to improve your health through regular professional help with advice on diet and exercise.
    Do you need free information, advice, support and help in various other aspects of your life.


WALTHAM FOREST ASIAN SENIORS CLUB is a voluntary organisation whose aim is to promote the welfare of all older Asian men and women, above the age of 50, living in the London Borough of Waltham Forest and neighbourhood, without discrimination on grounds of religion, gender, politics or sexuality. We charge a nominal Annual Membership Fee of £5.


Activities Address
Shernhall Methodist Church
London E17 9HX

Contact phone:

Khudeja (07773817344)
Sabra (07963617829)

Correspondence Address:
Lansdowne Road
London, E18 2AX

The Club activities take place on every  Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday between 10.15am to 2pm.
Members are welcome to join in all activities by booking their places in advance with our staff.

Please confirm timings before attending any activities.

At present, most of our activities take place in a hall at the SHERN HALL METHODIST CHURCH, in Shernhall Street, WALTHAMSTOW E17 9HX. The Shern Hall Methodist Church is well served by both buses and trains with the W12 and W16 stopping just outside the Church. The nearest British Rail train station is Wood Street, on Wood Street, which also has bus stops for number 230 and W16. On Leabridge Road at the Lambs Cafe stop you can get the W15, W19, 20, 56, 230, 257& 375 which is only about 10 minutes walk to the church.